Frequently Asked Questions

Does the booking deposit go towards the full price?

Yes, the booking deposit is considered a down payment. The booking deposit is non-refundable. Please note: for certain occasions/groups we may require a SECURITY deposit, which is different. A security deposit is held until a successful checkout at the end of the night and returned as long as there are no damages.

What happens if I need to cancel our booking?

No cancellations are accepted within 14-days of the reservation. If your party cancels or wants to reschedule without a 14-day advance notice, you will be responsible for the total balance due. Winter storm can be an exception for out of town reservations.

What happens if people cannot attend, can I downsize?

Similar to the cancellation policy, all downsizing inquires must be requested no later than 14 days in advance. Upon availability, requests may be approved.

What happens if I'm over capacity?

We must always adhere to the DOT Regulation of the per person capacity on each of our rides. Not only for the safety of all passengers and your driver but the structural integrity of each vehicle.

I Filled Out An Inquiry Form. When will I Get A Quote?

Within a couple hours or less (usually). Junk mail filters occasionally catch our system emails (particularly Gmail) so please check the junk folder if you haven't seen an email from us. It's a good idea to add to your whitelist. You can always login to your account and see the details there.

Can I pay with credit card?

Yes, but only in advance. Your chauffeur cannot accept credit cards, so any credit card payments we request at least a couple days advance payment.

What Are Your Office Hours?

Generally speaking, M-F, 9am-5pm. Please do not wait until the weekend or the day of your ride to re-confirm or make payments changes to your reservation. Please take care of these details well in advance to ensure a smooth and successful trip. After business hours please send a text message or leave a voicemail. You can always obtain a quick quote by filling out our reservation form.

Can I Change The Pickup Location?

Sure, but please make any changes to your reservation details well in advance (at least 3 days). Trying to make changes the day off (or day before) can result in communication breakdowns.

Can we bring alcohol on the ride?

Yes, as long as everyone is 21 years of age. Have a great time! But please, drink in moderation.

Do we need to present Identification

Yes, always have an ID when riding with Fargo Party Ride.

Can we bring food on the ride?

Sorry! No food unless specifically approved. Greasy food, popcorn, chips and other foods have been a big problem in the past. We will occasionally make an exception on longer road trips such as the twin cities trips etc.

Can we bring coolers on the bus?

No, sorry, we cannot have anything blocking the walkway in your ride. Coolers are not necessary as all rides will have ice bins stocked for your beverages. On some rides, there is storage and we can put your cooler there for backup supply. Please inquire about storage options on your particular ride.

Since the gratuity is built in, am I supposed to tip on top of that?

The industry standard for tipping your chauffeur is around 15%-20%. Typically, we build in the gratuity at 15%. If you feel the service you have received is exceptional, feel free to tip extra, but it is not required or expected. :)

Excessive Cleanup Fees?

Please respect the vehicle for the next group and avoid spills. No jello shots, glitter, or anything that could present a major cleaning issue. The worst of the worst, is vomit. Do not let this happen as it will result in a $200 cleanup fine. Have fun, but keep it in check :)